Easy way to earn from Facebook: Facebook professional mode

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There are many ways to earn from Facebook, by using which many people are earning from Facebook in many ways. But now Facebook Meta has taken out a new source of income from Facebook. With the help of this, the user can earn more from Facebook. This source is popularly known as a Facebook professional mode.

Facebook users can easily earn more than a thousand from Facebook. by turning their profile into a professional mode feature.

Facebook Professional Mode feature allows. content creators to pay separately to publish their content.

How to earn from Facebook with the help of professional mode

earn from Facebook

Facebook’s new addition is Facebook Professional Mode. which users can use to convert their personal Facebook profiles. With the help of this feature. one can enable monetization. option by uploading content on a personal profile and earning money from it.

The Facebook professional mode has been added to the new dashboard. where the user has reached how much engagement was done on his post and all the information is available. Like all analytics data displayed on the page, Tick is Professional Pro

Earn from Facebook Reels Play bonus

The main earning medium from Facebook professional mode is the Facebook Reels Play bonus. Reels are small chunks of video, similar to TikTok. by uploading videos like this. Professional mode allows content creators to earn high quality.

Content creators earn based on the number of views their Facebook Reels Play creates. If there are good views then you can earn up to 35000 dollars from Facebook professional mode.

How much Monthly Earn from Facebook professional mode

Qualified content creators earn based on the monthly views of their rated reels. But, Facebook says that the best creators can earn the greatest of $35,000 per month.