What is blog, how to earn from blog

ব্লগ মানে কি what is blog

We often hear the question, what is blog, but rarely get the right answer. Through this post, we will discuss what blog means and how to earn from it.

Meaning of blog

In simple terms, blog is a personal diary that people share online It started in 1994. in this online journal, people shared about their daily life. when it became popular with everyone. they created an opportunity to communicate information and communication in a new way. through online websites. The world of blogging started from this.

Nowadays we provide various important information. in the form of a website post and online readers enjoy it. Many have their backs

What is blog, How to earn from blog

what is blog

What is blog, Blogging is a free and easy profession, it is now possible to earn from home. One can work in this profession along with education or business. Now we will discuss in detail how to earn from a blog.

The blogging profession is actually a very interesting profession. if you do well in it you can earn at least more than 20 thousand per month. That is, good means if you post one piece of content on a blog. you can get income from it for a lifetime, that’s why blogging is considered as royalty income.

How to make money from blog

How to make money from a blog is a common question. which we often hear. the answer is that if you have a good website. and where there is a lot of information content if everything clicks. you can make money by advertising through Google AdSense. Along with that, you can earn money by displaying various types of affiliate links on the website.

Now the question is. I understand Google AdSense. but what is an affiliate? there are some big online marketplaces in the internet world. that sell world-class products. If someone shares their link by writing a review about these products. and if a buyer buys the product from this link, then the market will give some commission to the sharer. Earning money by sharing this link is affiliate marketing.

How to start blogging

In response to the question of how to start blogging. I will say, before starting blogging, you have to prepare yourself for blogging. And if you want to earn from blogging, you must first have good ideas about blogs and be good at writing. Because if you don’t have ideas in blog and writing then you can’t survive in this profession for long. If you want, you can earn a good income by writing articles. Now the question is how to start with all the ticks. Before starting blogging, you need to decide what topic to work on.

What does one need to start blogging?

To start blogging you first need a computer or laptop. Moreover, nowadays blogging can be done with a good-quality smartphone.

Now need a website with a good quality design. also need always internet connection to pc or smartphone.

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