How to know if someone is lying

কেউ মিথ্যা বললে how to know if someone is lying

Knowing that lying destroys people. after that people tell lies for no reason, how to know if someone is lying, it is not understood that he is lying. And there are some people who mix truth and falsehood. and speak in such a way that it becomes impossible to understand at once.

How to know if someone is lying

In this regard, a researcher in the United States. Carolyn Leaf said, How to know if someone is lying? they have a number of special physical patterns. those patterns can be used as a way to understand How to know if someone is lying. through facial expressions, and gestures. Sharil needs to be aware of these postures to detect lies.

Use Strategies to know if someone is lying

how to know if someone is lying

Leaf says A lie destroys a man, even when a man lies he can be seen sweating. trembles, stutters, closes his eyes, and his words and gestures do not match and he looks restless. At such times, two things should be kept in mind.

In a report, he published it on a website. he said some indications of his association would prove false. but they are not 100% certain. Some people are impulsive by nature. For those whose behavior is always erratic, it would be wrong to see this sign and assume they are lying.

But if one knows, his body posture is so noticeable, it can be assumed that he is lying.

Second, all the types of cues people give when they lie have one thing in common. That is – the tendency to avoid talking. Avoiding eye contact. Stuttering is caused by fear of being caught as a liar and withholding the truth.

Indications of a speech Dr. Leaf says that talking too little or too much when describing an event can lead to lying. Placing too much emphasis on a particular word is also a sign of lying. Changing the tone of voice while lying is also a sign. Some people talk again. One caveat always noticeable is the continuity of the story. Retelling the same story and not matching the story.

Gestural cues A lying person’s lying gestures often make eye contact. Leaf said, his demeanor changing as he spoke. This can be perceived as the beginning of lying.

they tense up, close their eyes and hide their mouths. In short, this gesture would not be their normal way of speaking.

But even such indications are often misleading. For example, some people do not show changes in their lying posture.

If someone lies to you to surprise you, it should hold your surprise. But if someone lies to hurt you, and you realize it, you’re putting yourself under a lot of pressure.

What to do after being caught lying

The effect of lying to deceive can be direr. So first of all understand what is the purpose that he is lying, and why is he saying it.

If it is very harmful, then you can face his lies. To avoid trouble again, you can get out of the matter by pretending that you believed his lie. And Beware yourself.