WhatsApp Call history can be seen on the computer

হোয়াটসঅ্যাপ আপডেট WhatsApp call history

A new WhatsApp update comes with good news for WhatsApp Messenger desktop users. Soon, desktop users will be able to view their WhatsApp call history from their computers. For this new feature to work, WhatsApp will add a Call History tab to its desktop app.

Instant WhatsApp Messenger has taken the initiative To launch the WhatsApp call history feature in the Windows 2.2246.4.0 beta version of the tab.

WhatsApp Call History update

The tab can be seen in the sidebar area of ​​the Windows beta version. To see the WhatsApp Messenger Call History of audio or video calls need to click on this tab. also, it is not clear yet to the computer users’ same WhatsApp account Call History on other devices may see or not.

WhatsApp call history

In addition to mobiles, laptops and computers have to use the multi-device facility to use the same WhatsApp account on four devices. WhatsApp is also working on this facility to use one account on multiple phones.

Let know WhatsApp call history

WhatsApp thinks that the number of WhatsApp users will increase on computers when the new feature of WhatsApp update starts.